Jake Larsen YouTube Ads PlayBook

The Playbooks For Winning With YouTube Ads

Playbook 1: Video Ad Strategy

  • The YouTube Ad Strategy to know the elements of a successful YouTube Ad Campaign
  • Which metrics you need to measure for a profitable YouTube Ad Campaign
  • The YouTube Ad Journey to know which offers work best to which audience
  • The audience survey to get inside the mind and heart of your core audience

Playbook 2: Video Ad Creation

  • Learn our 7 step video ad framework to create winning video ads.
  • Discover simple creative tips to increase viewer engagement.
  • Get access to our video ad frameworks worksheet to help you write and script your video quick and easy.
  • Watch real working video ads and a breakdown of WHY they work so you can model them.

Playbook 3: YouTube Ad Campaign Setup

  • How to properly set up your tracking so you can track everything from view to purchase.
  • How to properly structure your campaigns so you can see exactly what’s working at a glance
  • How to build relevant audiences that are ready to buy your products
  • Discover the best targeting methods to pinpoint your exact audience
  • How to allocate your budget wisely so you don’t waste money

Playbook 4: Video Ad Optimization & Scale

  • Understand the math and metrics behind a profitable YouTube Ad campaign.
  • Which metrics should you focus on and which ones can you ignore
  • If your ads aren’t working, what are the 5 levers you should pull to fix them.
  • How do you scale your winning campaigns without breaking them.

Playbook 5: Case Studies

  • How to drive high quality webinar leads with YouTube Ads
  • How to sell your ecommerce products with YouTube Ads
  • How to book high quality calls for your coaching / consulting business
  • How to grow your YouTube Channel with YouTube Ads

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