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What You Get:
Brad Lea’s Masterclass on Sales & Closing

Additional Courseware Added to Closer School FREE

Increased Confidence
In Closer School, you will learn how to get mentally prepared because when you are mentally prepared, you will coherently become more confident because of your preparation.

Increased Knowledge​​​​​​​
In Closer School, you will learn everything you need to know A-Z when it comes to learning how to sell, close, persuade, and create influence. It does not matter if you are directly in “sales” or not, you NEED to know those four ingredients to succeed.

Increased Production
In Closer School, you will learn everything I did to grow my company to multiple 8 figures in revenue per year. THAT is a lot of production.

Increased Closing Rate​​​​​​​
In Closer School, you will completely understand how I prepare, fact find, get micro commitments, and everything else you need to know to become a better closer.

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