Earnest Epps High Ticket Ecom Secrets

Earnest Epps High Ticket Ecom Secrets

Earnest Epps is an International Speaker and eCommerce Expert, specializing in high ticket dropshipping. Earnest was once caged in a cubicle with an uneventful 9-to-5 life. But by employing some very simple methods, he ditched his day job and is now able to conduct business when and where he chooses, earning well over 7 figures annually from his eCommerce businesses. You can learn more about Earnest at https://www.earnestepps.com/

Class Curriculum
Introducing You to High Ticket eCom Secrets

Module 1 : Successful Selection
1.1 : Product Selection Introduction
1.2 : Product Pricing
1.3 : Target Market
1.4 Market InterestMaking Sure There’s Market Interest
1.5 Product Selection Selecting Your First Product

Module 2 : Defining the Market
2.1 Introduction to Market Research Overview of Market Research
2.2 Brand Loyalty Market Research Requirements for Brand Loyalty
2.3 Market Research How to know if your products are dropship friendly?
2.4 Monthly Search Volume Find out the average monthly search volume for the niche ideas that you currently have.
2.5 Competition Determine the level of competitiveness a product niche
2.6 Market Research Recap Determine if this will be the right product for you with the product checklist.
2.7 Bonus Market Research Some secret ninja criteria that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Module 3 : Business Formation
3.1 Business Formation Introduction What you will need to have in place in order to have a high likelihood of getting suppliers approved.
3.2 Business Registration Which entity should one choose
3.3 EIN You’ll learn what an EIN is and why you need one
3.4 Resellers Certificate You’ll learn what is a resellers certificate and why do you need one
3.5 DBA Registration We’ll be covering the importance of a DBA
3.6 Website Domain Why do you need a domain name and how important it is to pick the right one
3.7 Business Phone Number Learn the importance of having a business phone number
3.8 Business Email Learn the importance of having a business email.
3.9 Business Formation Action Tasks Action steps in order to set up for success

Module 4 : Website Creation
4.1 Introduction The introduction to creating your own Shopify Ecommerce Website
4.2 Shopify Introduction Learn more about Shopify
4.3 Built To Sell Theme Introduction A walk-through of our recommended Built To Sell Theme.
4.4 Targeting Our Audience This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership
4.5 Theme Installation A complete walkthrough on how to install a theme on Shopify
4.6 Understanding Our Colors Understand the importance of choosing the right colors
4.7 Home Page StructureProperly structure the homepage of your site for success
4.8 Collection Pages Properly structure the collections for your site for succes
4.9 Apps The best apps to use when getting started
4.10 Final Edits These are must-have content pages for your store
4.11 Action Tasks Your action tasks for forming building your website.

Module 5 : Supplier Approval
5.1 Introduction You’ll learn everything that you will need to do to have success with getting approved with suppliers.
5.2 Supplier Types Not all suppliers are created equal now discover why
5.3 Additional Supplier ResearchGet more detailed info on your suppliers before calling
5.4 Supplier Phone and Email Script The secret scripts to having a high approval rate
5.5 Bonus Material Get Earnest’s super secret supplier approval docs below.
5.6 Action Tasks Your action tasks for getting approved with suppliers.

Module 6 : Optimize for Conversion
6.1 Introduction How to have a great conversion rate
6.2 Urgency and Scarcity How to use urgency and scarcity to improve your conversion rate.
6.3 Buyers Experience With Our Content We will cover the content do you need to make sure your visitors convert into buyers.
6.4 Using Reviews How reviews help increase your conversion rate
6.5 Social Media And Social ProofHow to use social media successfully
6.6 Abandoned Carts And Follow Up Not Yet Rated How to get customers back to your site if they leave or want to leave.
6.7 Unique Bonus Offers How to separate yourself from the competition
6.8 Action Tasks Your action tasks for optimizing your website for conversions
Conversion Bonus Increasing Conversions On Your Ecommerce Store With Lucky Orange

Module 7 : Unlimited Traffic
7.1 Unlimited Traffic Introduction How to get tons of traffic to your site
7.2 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace Site Indexed Getting your site listed in search engines quickly
7.3 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace Google Analytics This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership
7.4 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace eCom Tracking Get your enhanced eCommerce tracking set up correctly
7.5 Google PLAs Introduction into what’s needed for setting Google PLA’s
7.6 Setting Up Your Adwords Account Live Walkthrough of setting up Google PLA’s correctly
7.7 SEOHow to drive highly qualified organic traffic
7.8 Banner Ads and Influencers Additional traffic sources
7.9 Unlimited Traffic Action Tasks Your action tasks to make sure your setup for success with traffic

Module 8 : Automation
8.1 Introduction In this module, we’ll be covering the introduction to automation
8.2 What do I need to outsource We’ll be covering every you need to know about the important things to outsource.
8.3 Business OperationsWe’ll be covering how your business breakdowns into the four main categories
8.4 When and How Do I Outsource When and How do I outsource?

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