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Jeanna Pool Clients in Bulk


Hi, I’m Jeanna Pool. Creator of Clients in BULK. I teach small business and agency owners how to sign up ALL of the clients they want and can handle in just ONE single day or ONE single weekend of work!

I’ve “cracked the code” on how to sign up TRUCKLOADS of clients ON THE SPOT completely offline.

The strategies taught in Clients in BULK are the exact same marketing strategies I use in my own small business…which allowed me to dramatically explode the growth of my business in a very short amount of time!

I don’t send out proposals. I don’t cold call. I don’t podcast. I don’t do free trials. I don’t hang out in online groups. I don’t spend time on LinkedIn. I don’t do free demos. I don’t do trade out of services. Bottom line: I don’t do all of the countless marketing activities that most other small business and agency owners do…because, I don’t have to.

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