Nate Schmidt Ecom Copy Crash Course

Nate Schmidt Ecom Copy Crash Course

Ecom Copy Crash Course
Learn how to use timeless sales, marketing, and copywriting fundamentals to build highly profitable e-commerce stores that make you passive income in your sleep

Dear Friend,

This is painful for me to watch, but 99% of e-commerce beginners are strangling their sales at the source.

They’re creating beautiful stores, picking winning products, and running solid ads, yet they’re not making as many sales as the should be (or even any at all).

And there’s a very specific, yet very simple reason for this.

The good news is, it’s an easy fix!

And today, I want to share it with you.

If you don’t know me, my name is Nate Schmidt. I’m a 21 year old college drop out, and I make hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars per day (profit, not revenue) with e-commerce.

It’s totally normal to me now, but if you’d have told me this would be my life just a few short months ago…

I would’ve said you were crazy, there’s just no way!

But, that was a few months ago.

And a lot has changed since then.

So I want to tell you my story, because I think it’s gonna clear some things up for you.

“Nate’s ECCC course is the perfect primer for anyone to jump in with direct response marketing. It’s almost all substance, with zero fluff. No fancy bells and whistles, which is what makes it stand out. In a day where everybody wants the “fanciest funnel” or “super duper sequence”, a simple return to the basics of marketing in ECCC can help anyone reach their e-com goals in an efficient and direct manner.”

– Kyle Trouble, This Is Trouble

Before I dropped out, I was attending college here in my home state of North Carolina, taking out thousands of dollars in student loans to listen to clueless marketing professors who had never even done what they teach.

That didn’t add up, so I dropped out, and I set off on a journey to create a full-time income for myself online.

I worked at a pizza place as a delivery boy to support myself in the mean time, while spending every waking moment of free time chained to my desk, learning the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

And kind of by coincidence, around the time I dropped out, I found e-commerce, and specifically, Shopify dropshipping.

Once I learned about the business model, I immediately became hooked. The idea of selling products online for a profit, products I never even have to touch, using nothing but my laptop and Internet connection… it was intoxicating.

So, I built my first store in January of this year.

A few weeks later, I made my first sale. I still remember that feeling like it was yesterday. It was $6.95, and even though it took me $20 in ad spend to make that sale, at that point…

It was like a shark tasting blood!

Unfortunately, that store (a music festival accessories store) failed.

But, it was too late.

I was already hooked.

There was no going back.

So, I created another store.

And, made my “second” first sale a few days later.

That was back in February, and since then, what I’ve been able to achieve (at least, I think), is nothing short of incredible.

“I’d love to take full credit for Nate’s meteoric rise from a complete unknown to a successful dropshipper. That wouldn’t quite be honest on my part though. The truth is, while I gave Nate the roadmap to starting a profitable store, that’s not the key to his success. The reason why Nate has been able to make so much money very quickly, is his understanding of human nature, persuasion and copywriting. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn from him in his new course, ECCC.”

– James Holt, Start Selling Stuff

I’ve made dangerously close to 6 figures with that store alone, which has allowed me to do things like travel to New Zealand on a whim, move out of my mom’s house, and just do what I love while living like a king.

(It’s crazy what’s possible with the Internet nowadays when you do the right things consistently…)

Anyways, this is what I’m here to tell you:

It’s that, if you want something like this, complete financial and locational freedom from e-commerce (which despite what these “gurus” tell you, is absolutely still possible in 2018, even as a complete beginner — I’m first hand proof)…

You have to have something that the 99% of failing newbies don’t.

It sounds obvious, but very few people actually understand what I’m about to tell you (which is why something like 90% of new Shopify stores are closed within 3 months).

If you want to have success with e-commerce, you NEED a fundamental understanding of sales, marketing, and copywriting.

Because when it comes down to it, ecom is 95% marketing.

(Arguably 100%…)

And that’s why I was able to have so much success so fast.

Because as I mentioned earlier, when I dropped out, and even while I was still in school, I was ALWAYS studying sales and marketing.

Old school guys like Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert. These guys understood sales. And they made millions as a result. So I studied the hell out of them. I read and hand-copied their sales letters, analyzed them, and started figuring out how to apply their 7 figure strategies to e-commerce.

The great thing about sales is, the medium doesn’t matter.

Because it’s based on a fundamental understanding of human nature (fears, desires, insecurities, why people buy, etc.). And these are things that don’t change. So once you understand this stuff, you can use it to make money with any business model. E-commerce, direct mail, even selling door-to-door.

It’s all the same.

It’s just that, the overwhelming majority of people are lazy, and don’t actually take the time to learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

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