Wisdom Theory – 100 Mental Models

The book explains 100 mental models to make better decisions and think critically. These models do not tell you what you think, rather they teach you how to think, and encourage you to think critically. Here are some examples of how mental models will improve your life: • Do you want to create a successful business? Leverage, Niches... more →
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Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2

Wha You Get: The AIA 2.0 Video Course (40+ hours of step-by-step training) Broken into 6 easy-to-follow modules that take you step by literal step from absolute beginner to selling hundreds & thousands of books and audiobooks. Live Group Coaching Calls For 2 Hours, Every Monday Hop on a Zoom call with us and the rest of the... more →
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100% Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

How You Can Drive Low-Cost Traffic, Leads or Sales With “Facebook Ads” To Any Business, Even If You Have Zero Experience What you’ll learn How to get started with absolutely no previous experience. This course will take anyone from no ad acct to running their first ad! Complete over the shoulder walk through from creating your... more →
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Myron Golden Mastery Boot Camp

12 Week Offer Mastery Bootcamp Recordings 1 Group call per week with Myron Golden, Ph.D. The training calls will alternate between training calls and Q&A coaching calls designed to help you master every area of becoming an offer making machine. Offer Mastery Coaching 1 Group Q&A per weekfor a year as well as an engaged... more →
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Todd Brown A-Z Copywriting Workshop

All the copy gambits and devices… All the psychological triggers… ​All the framing techniques… ​All the positioning patterns… ​All the objection-killing maneuvers… ​All the closing segues… What You Get: ​The unedited video & audio recording bundle of the entire Workshop All the Workshop slides in several... more →
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