Grace Lever – The Facebook Group Project

What You Get: Your Facebook Group Set Up… Discover what type of Facebook Group you need in your business, and how to set it up securely without the tech-overwhelm. Avoid the 3 BIG MISTAKES pepole make when setting up a Facebook Group… and I’ll even uncover the hidden features Facebook has that NO ONE is using properly yet! Creating... more →
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Grace Lever – The Kickstart Project

What You Get: Learn how to embrace the 7-figure Female Entrepreneur mindset and avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks many fall into; Define your why, your message and your “voice”, even in a saturated market; Discover the three stages in the evolution of a successful coach or consultant and learn the steps you need to take... more →
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Troy Casey – Breath Is Life

What You Get: I WANT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO BE RELAXED, GROUNDED, AND HEALTHY AGAIN TOO In the years since my recovery from the toxic black mold, I’ve taken my buddy’s 3 step breathing method and added to it, creating a simplistic approach that reprograms the diaphragm to breathe properly, Grants you uninterrupted sleep, And most... more →
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Shreva Pattar – Money Call$

What You Get: Money Calls Guide Smash your mental barriers & fears, and learn a repeatable system to conduct outstanding calls with your prospects. Even if you’ve never done it before. Advanced Guide 1 Deep Analysis of 2 Real Prospect Conversations Discover the elements of a persuasive conversation through the deep analysis... more →
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Van Vizovisek – Become a Jedi Copy

What You Get: ✔️ How to do market research on steroids: I’ll show you can conduct market research for any audience in any niche in under 9 minutes. This means finding their inner & unspoken desires and pains – the golden nugget when it comes to writing copy. You’ll know what makes them tick. ✔️ An easy way to write... more →
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