Proven Ways to Six Figure Campaigns
No cloaking, no customer service, no product sourcing, and nothing shady

Master buying high-quality traffic
Gain Consistency in your affiliate campaigns
Learn how to test to find winning offers

Introducing the Lead Gen Affiliate

This program was designed to teach White Methods and take a newbie to super affiliate in 2020 and beyond.

The much-anticipated step by step eight-week program is a revolutionary system with a proven record of success.

Our campaigns are “what’s working now” in 2020.

We offer over the shoulder training on real campaigns with real case studies that are proven winners.

Who is this for:

The complete newbie that has never launched a campaign before
People with little or no copywriting skills
Non-techie people that don’t have many computer skills

What is working now
Most of the Gurus out there are teaching from theory or skills that worked years ago.

I am guessing in 2019 if you have a cell phone and YouTube then you have seen or heard of Affiliate Marketing.

What Affiliate Marketing is a simple equation of spreading the word about someone else’s product and earning a commission from the sale.

There are many choices when it comes to making money via the internet, some of the biggest pluses of affiliate marketing are:

You will get EVERYTHING you need to become a lead generation machine and become profitable in affiliate marketing.

LGA is the perfect program to take you from inception to a real-world money making system.

I have created a couple of online classes before, but this is by far my best one yet.

Most people really don’t understand the work it takes to create the best in the class program, and I am passionate about teaching and making this the perfect course.

If you are going to invest in me and my team, I want to make 100% you get many times the value that you paid for.

I will gladly put my name on this program, as I am 100% certain is the best on the market.

I went the extra mile to put together an incredibly detailed intense 8-week program.

I added helpful PDFs and a ton of over the shoulder step by step demos.

LGA was 6 months of hard work to produce this with my team of 7 people.

But what really matters is the content and how incredibly powerful the knowledge is that you will gain.

Everyone learns at their own pace and the best part is you can watch the content over and over again until you get it.

We will be doing lifetime updates as the landscape is constantly changing on the internet, so you can always come back and check out the latest and greatest on what’s working now.

Let’s Grab a Coffee and Talk About The Industry, Introduction, and what you need to know .

In this week we talk about the Industry, some of our results and how to get there, and some of the critical mindsets that will help you believe you can do this.

Sign The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), this information is for you and only you
Introduction to Brian Pfeiffer and Ross Minchev
Some of our results
State of the Digital Marketing Industry
Mindset Health and Wealth Knowledge
Mind Map and How it Works
Follow all of our Social Media
Fill out our survey so we can continue to improve the course
Motivational Wall Paper For Your Phone and Computer

It’s time to find an offer to promote. Before you start this week you will need to go through my 18 Chapter Free course.
This will help you understand all the terms and all the over business model.

Being a newbie, it’s tough getting in most affiliate networks, we have a few tricks for you later in the course that will all but guarantee entry into the affiliate networks we are using.

In this week we’ll include:

All about offers and proof of our results
How we found the 100k+ a month offers
Over the shoulder training on how to use and find offers on ClickBank
Mindset hack to improve your chances for success in affiliate marketing
Bonus Training and PDF’s for Week #1

PDF of Videos on Affiliate terms you will need to know and understand
Video on setting up a Click Bank Account for success
Video on how to talk to a Vendor
PDF and Video on “11 Questions for Vendors”
Do’s and Dont’s Video with Ross and Brian

Here we are going deep into ads and how we are able to create profitable winning ads over and over again.

What is Click Through Ratio(CTR) and why is it ultra important
Anatomy of a winning ad and the reason behind its success
The underground secret site for finding incredible images
More winning ad examples, with a proven success formula
Advanced Image Training, the different image type that works over and over again on all traffic sources
Why illustrations are super affiliates best friends
Testing Training and why you shouldn’t be afraid to test
Spy training 101 and starting a swipe file
Bonus Training Videos for Week #2

Fivver and Upwork Video and setting up a team for success
Specialized Video Ad Training with Ross Minchev
$300K a month bonus video with in house Media Buyer Max S
5 years of all of our ads and high click-through ratio images for every profitable campaign we have ever run
Scripts for profitable ads

Here we go deep into the $300k a month online salesman, the infamous pre-sales pages. We show you step by step how we create high converting quiz landers and advertorials.

We also go into depth on copywriting and telling a story that sells.

Finally, we show you a 1 million dollar physical products/e-commerce page.

The $300K a month pre-sell landing page
The $300K a month quiz landing page and walkthrough
Learn the Psychology behind landing pages and how to craft them
How to tell a story and why is a six-figure skill set
Writing advertorials that sell and address the main points of your avatar
How to construct a $1 million e-commerce physical products page
Bonuses For Week #3

Share link for the actual click funnel that we used to make $500K on Click Bank
Advertorial Sample to model
Actual Debt advertorial that was making us $30K month
Mind Insole Lander That is still profitable for us as of today
Video Choosing a setting up a domain/brand name
Video on setting up hosting on Liquid Web
Video on Click Funnels set up and walk through of shared funnels
Video on setting up a landing page on a WordPress site
Video on how to find a quality coder to help with your pages

This week we do a full breakdown of Facebook ad and go super deep into how we spy to find winning campaign after winning campaign.

The $300K a month pre-sell landing page
The $300K a month quiz landing page and walkthrough
Learn the Psychology behind landing pages and how to craft them
How to tell a story and why is a six-figure skill set
Writing advertorials that sell and address the main points of your avatar
How to construct a $1 million e-commerce physical products page
Bonuses for Week #4

Setting up Your Facebook Ad Account
Business Manager Set Up
Disabled Business Manager Training
Business Manager Pixel Transfer Training
Setting up a Fan Page
Avatar and Cover for your fan page
Posting to your fan page
Setting up a PPE Campaign
Setting up a Traffic Campaign
Setting up a Conversion Campaign
Setting up a Facebook Pixel
Setting up a Custom Audience and Look a Like
Improving your Facebook relevance score – PDF and Video
How to make look-alike audiences on Facebook – PDF and Video
All about Facebook ad placements – PDF and Video
Facebook sponsored posts – PDF and Video
Facebook Retargeting PDF and real-life video examples (2 Videos)
Shopify Spy Tactics 2 Videos for 2019
Shopify My-IP trick and trick video
Spoofing Facebook to show you all the profitable products video

This week we are looking are firing up the ads and starting to set up your Facebook pixel gathering data.

Facebook custom audience advanced training
Turn in your best ad for a full critique form our professional media buyers
Tracking pixel a Click Bank set up
The “Tap The Vein Method”
Failure and why it’s not an option
Negative Keywords set up and our exclusive list
Bonuses for Week #5

Our exclusive list of fan page auto remove words
Professional media buyer ad critique

This week things are going to get real, we are going to show you a live demo of an over the shoulder campaign that we took from losing money to profitable and a matter of days.

The rubber will meet the road as we show you “the actual” working creatives and how we scale to four and even five figures a day.

No “guru” is going to show you an actual working profitable campaign live in action as we do in Week #6.

In-depth training on vendors and Placing Pixels(Can be a Hurdle)
Dayparting and weekend parting training
Over the shoulder how to scale training and tracking training
Budget management for campaigns
Our system for testing offers
All about Refund Rates
All about Reserve Accounts
Our Top affiliate networks Max Web, Common Acquire, A4D
Bonuses for Week #6

Affiliate networks PDF and our links to join
Over the shoulder optimizing and scaling part #2
Over the shoulder optimizing and scaling part #3

Now that you have seen exactly how we take a losing campaign to profitable you will want to watch it over and over again and duplicate our efforts.

This week we discuss how to turn your affiliate marketing skills into a real business.

How to Hire a Media Buyer
Using Other People’s Money
All about VPNs, caching, cookies, 3rd party tools
All about credit cards from years of experience
A Funny Video on going to events
A lesson on business cards from an ex-commercial printer
Relationship building in this business and any business
Making this into a Real Business
Set up an LLC to protect yourself
Bonuses for Week #7

Media buyer template that I used to hire multiple media buyers
Dosh app case study on $1500 profit in a couple of days direct liking
New Year’s Eve 2019 retargeting Case Study on how $300 in Ad Spend made over $26,000 in revenue in 2 weeks
The landing page on server and FTP set up
Automated rules training and set up

This week is still in production as we plan to set up funnels and systems to promote The Lead Gen Affliate™ product and will give students the opportunity to earn a high ticket commission.

Coming soon creatives, ads, videos, copy.

We would also like to add to the course based on questions from the Q and A’s and on this ever-changing landscape.

Our goal is to help you make money and in the course of the weeks it takes to launch this product we make hit a hot campaign and would like to share that in week number #8

Bonuses for Week #8

Many Chat Features PDF

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