Daniel Vassallo Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience

I was determined to get some attention, but I was new to this kind of work. I had never posted on Twitter, never had a Facebook account, had no social media experience, and didn’t have a marketing background.
I settled on Twitter as my platform for experimenting. Being new, I wasted a lot of time trying things that didn’t work. But in that process, I stumbled on an approach that did work, and really well. And every other account I’ve seen that followed my approach has been successful at growing an audience from scratch and getting a lot of engagement.
In this video course, I’ll show you how I built my Twitter audience, and how you can do it too. My Twitter account might be the most valuable asset I own, and there is no better time than now to start building yours.


  • Intro – 0:00
  • Credibility – 06:01
  • Measure of Success – 22:18
  • Twitter Funnel – 31:23
  • Make People Find You – 36:26
  • Bio – 45:10
  • Real Name vs Pseudonym – 50:19
  • How to Tweet – 54:47
  • Engagement – 61:40
  • Inspiration – 74:38
  • What Not to Tweet – 81:15
  • What Not to Do – 86:51
  • Recap: Starter Strategy – 96:04

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