The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

The No BS Road To Remote Work is Remote Like Me’s signature course that teaches strategies on how to find remote work, including freelance gigs, full time + part time positions on remote teams, and other types of contract work.

Throughout 7 course modules of videos and worksheets, you’ll learn where to find these opportunities, how to get noticed by remote companies, and how to land the job every time. Each module builds upon the last, creating your focused path to becoming a remote worker.

You can move at your own pace, completing the modules whenever you want to, however there are recommended time lines given.

Say goodbye to the guessing game! This is the action plan you need to finally get that remote job of your dreams.

⇒ Moms who want to work from home

⇒ College graduates who don’t want to enter the corporate lifestyle.

⇒ People with chronic pain and illness who need to work from the comfort of their homes

⇒ Travel addicts who need a location independent career so that they can start their Digital Nomad lifestyle.

⇒ Women over 40 years old who need help breaking into the remote workforce

⇒ Entrepreneurs and coaches just getting started who need steady income from a part time remote job.

⇒ Freelancers who are tired of hunting for clients each month and want to be part of a team again

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