The Pin Code 3

The Pin Code 3

Learn How To Monetize Pinterest At Last!

Let me guess…

You’ve tried everything you can think of on Pinterest and not made a penny.

Or you heard about it but can’t believe pinning up a few nice pics can actually work.

Never mind that Pinterest is now the 2nd largest traffic driver on the planet, second only to Facebook.

Or that it’s a place positively stuffed with people who are looking to spend money.

It wasn’t working for you.

Not one of those 200M+ Pinners was actually interested in buying.

So maybe you gave up. Or you never even got started.

Big Mistake

I know exactly how you feel because when I first stumbled along on Pinterest my results were not exactly stellar.

Followers and shares – sure.

A few.

But as for actually making some moolah on there…forget it!

But I don’t give up easily.

I Studied What The Pinterest Winners Do

So I decided to really study what the Pinterest winners were actually doing rather than relying on some gooroo’s theories.

I dug deep into their methods and discovered that each had a carefully thought-out strategy.

I saw what was working for them and what wasn’t.

Most importantly of all, I worked out how they were successfully monetizing Pinterest.

And then I copied them.

Not only did I copy them, I went one better. I tested and tested, trying out what were to become my own methods and strategies.

I Discovered What Made People Buy

I learned what resonated with my audience.

What made them like and share.

What made them click through, sign up and buy.

Of course, it wasn’t what the gooroos were telling me (bless ‘em). It certainly wasn’t what worked for me on other social media platforms.

In fact, trying to copy what you do on Facebook and Twitter can be a fatal mistake when it comes to Pinterest.

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